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  2. Zeus
    Different, gone against the rules! which is a pleasure to see! where is the polarizer eheh ;) thanx for sharing fpantilimon!
  3. fpantilimon
    Thank you, guys!
    I really appreciate it!
  4. rodrigo
    Fotografie mare... Perfecþionaþi claritatea de imagine, remãrci adorabile. Eu nu mã place de maºinã farol appering in the photo, just for composition.

    ther car´s veins? GREAT.
  5. Swann
    come on, express yourself in english, let us share your comment.
  6. rodrigo
    Swann - just training my romanian, an adorable language - such as all latin languages, like my portuguease! ;)
    great sharpness (i´m not obsessed about image quality, I think you have noticed), but in this one I think it was necessary here. I don´t like the farol detail, ... just an opinion, never mind.

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