leica m3, 50 mm, hallogen lamp, tmax 400 iso
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yvan m3
leica m3, 50 mm, hallogen lamp, tmax 400 iso
In the album Digital Art
  1. Swann
    Simple but very effective lighting. I like this. Sharpness filter set on a very high value. Pity you cut the plate for incomprehensible reasons but didn't crop the white strip on top.
    And yes it is an obsenic fruit, obviously you liked it.
  2. yvan m3
    yvan m3
    @Swann : Yes I liked it,twice because I ate it too !
    I cut the plate ( while shooting)because it seems to me better if the melon was not in the center. But I admit I might be wrong...
  3. Swann
    @yvan m3
    A very good idea not to center the fruit, I agree. I just thought even without centered composition the plate might have left uncut with a perspective construction maybe.

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