R6, Summicron 50mm, Tri-X
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1813 853 943 1993 1783 2833 1003 1873 2113 2173 2893 1093 2233 3162 3186 3234
R6, Summicron 50mm, Tri-X
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  2. johne
    Look closely at the girl's eyes. It appears to me that they might be focused on the photographer! Just a comment.
  3. Dorian
    :) I can assure you they are not John ("the photographer" is not likely to attract the eye of such a pretty girl), but I suppose that at this size that is not clear. That is often the case I've noticed, that on a web site you just can't display some images large enough to have their ideal size.
  4. gogo
    both the photo and the lady are as delicate as a waffle
    maybe a little cropping or adjustment. it is a little bit tilted to the right.
    this is an art album photo
  5. Dorian
    Thanks very much for the comment and high rating Cuprudo, I appreciate it!
  6. luisrq

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