28mm<br />
f/22<br />
4 sec (i think)<br />
kodak 200
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1032 433 613 1933 3208 44 134 1904 3325 45 3188 3296 736 2986 2566 377
4 sec (i think)
kodak 200
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  2. Unregistered
    This not about subject, but instead the light. It is dancing for us : -)
  3. fpantilimon
    yes, yes!
    thank you, fotografz!
    indeed, the light is dancing for us!
    thank you for noticeing!
    cheers! :)
  4. mbru65
    I love the photo, and I love the quote-"I try to see beyond geometry"!-mbru65.
  5. yvan m3
  6. rodrigo
    the quality of this image is that it tells me about clarity, transparency and reflections. Like an underwater image, a frozen word. I don´t have idea of scale or which objects did you fotographed, which gives its irreality. It´s fascinating!

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