Leica M7, 35mm summicron asph, f4@1/30 (approx)
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Leica M7, 35mm summicron asph, f4@1/30 (approx)
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  2. Zeus
    Hi Yooloo,

    It was taken @ winter gardens, Sunderland, UK.
  3. Swann
    wish you wouldn't have deleted your wall and window picture. I had thought about a nice comment for it. Not that it was a very good photograph but I think photos that went wrong are very interesting and a perfect occasion to learn for us all.
  4. dsaxe
    Just returned to the Forum. Amused to find this because I was photographing it myself on Saturday. I was so captivated that my companions went all round the adjoining museum while I shot the Winter Gardens.

  5. laurentldp
    It is very, very interesting. I like that you used a 1600ASA in the day light, we can have one other kind of contrast, impact.
    I used a lot of years ago the Fuji_Neopan-1600. Can you give us how you develop this film? wich developer.? time and maybe wich asa.?
    Thanks a lot. Have you other pics like this.?!
  6. Zeus
    Thanx everyone for your nice comments, I really like this photo and the neopan 1600 is great film but the 35mm asph is unreal!
    @Laurentldp this was developed at my local developers in Sunderland, Engalnd.

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