m6, 50mm, Kodak Portra BW
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m6, 50mm, Kodak Portra BW
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  2. Swann
    Regarding the beak I am convinced it is a gull. Isn't Zurich a beautiful place?
  3. yooloo
    flying fauna - dorian 1, swann 0, fpantilimon 0.5
    pigeon it is! mess - you can bet! zurich beautiful place? sure it is. grainy portra? wrong crew at the photo shop...
  4. Swann
    Ornithology is fun. Never seen a pigeon with such a beak. Must be a different bred than those who sponsor my car with guano.
  5. mbru65
    Love the contrast--contra Swann--but I am a sucker for extreme contrast. I love the black gull, or whatever it is, in the top left. Nice pic. -mbru65.
  6. agp
    I'd have been tempted to make a sudden noise and then take the picture. Not really enough happening - one gull with wings spread, flying bird on the right, the rest standing there. Perhaps a flurry of wings might have said more?

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