m6 35 mm 2.0<br />
f 11 1/125<br />
Fuji 400 Press
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wit konijn
m6 35 mm 2.0
f 11 1/125
Fuji 400 Press
In the album People Photography
  1. johne
  2. johne
    My compliments! You manage to blend three excellent pictures into this one. Where was this taken? Just curious.
  3. wit konijn
    wit konijn
    Thank you Johne! The picture was taken in London, Camden Town.
  4. gogo
    i like it! if only you would have used a 50mm, then the perspective of the building wouldn'd have been so obvious. I hope you understood what i wrote.
  5. wit konijn
    wit konijn
    Hi Cuprudo, thanks for your comments! The lines don't run parallel and I agree that a 50 mm would have been a better choice... unfortunately I haven't got one...

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