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Leica R9 (just bought ;))
50mm Summicron F8
Hartlepool, England
  1. Swann
    Wish I had your funds. :smile:
    I would have liked to see more photograph instead of a frame. Nice cloudy sky.
  2. Zeus
    @ Swan,
    I'm curious swan, if you had my funds and they where to be spent on a camera! would they have gone on the R9? I can tell you this shot is the first slide provia 400F neg back from the deveolpers. The reason I converted in adobe to B/W is coz I simply thought the contrast was excellent.
  3. Swann
    Indeed contrast is very accentuated. I heard the R-Summicron 50 was much better than the one for M-Mount. This shot seems to show it. Wish my 50 had the same quality.
    To your question: No I don't think I'd chosen an R9. What about your M7 by the way?
  4. Zeus
    Swan, I have been into photography now for about 6 years give or take a few ;) and have used just about every camera on the market apart from large format, and to be honest I have never came across a better camera than the m7 period! as for mine I took it back, but only to change it for the black version ;) The m7 is simply amazing for unobstrusive photography what with it's small size and ultra quite shutter! I really do think it's the best camera ever made, from the ones i've used and I have u
  5. Swann
    Agree gladly about the M7 and see myself confirmed with my idea about your funds as using so many cams takes much rubel.

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