r-4;summicron 2/35;ilford hp5+;1/500;f-8;scan from film;coolscan IV;hand made;
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r-4;summicron 2/35;ilford hp5+;1/500;f-8;scan from film;coolscan IV;hand made;
In the album City, Still life & Abstract
Using Nikon
  1. Swann
    What war?
  2. werbel
    War that's war.Does not matter.
  3. Swann
    Nice parallel perspective. A bit much of ground due to this. It seems some image parts were dodged (tree and concrete block). The grey scale is very compressed, I like that in general but ask myself if it is good for the photograph here. I too see some radial densitiy change, I didn't know that the R-lenses have this effect too that visible.
  4. werbel
    Is density depend of lens? I don't think so. Rather depend from exposition, development and scan. Silver films are very difficult to scan, especially on Collscan scaners. The better are in c-41 process. This picture was taken on Ilfora HP5+, and develop in Rodinal. Maybe it's from that You got seem density change.
    Regards. Werbel.
  5. Swann
    what I meant was this: a radial density change is the difference in light energy from the center of the image to the edges. Every lens has this effect as the rays have to make a longer distance to the edges. On a SLR lens the effect is less visible as due to the mirror box the lens has a different architecture than the one of a VF camera. But of course what I see could come from other influences, always hard to see from an internet image. I was just wondering.
    I agree silver films are

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