Studio shot, M4, 90mm Summicron, Kodachrome film.
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Studio shot, M4, 90mm Summicron, Kodachrome film.
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  1. Dorian
    Now here's a change of subject matter! My judgement is biassed because this kind of studio work is not really my thing, but I think you nicely combined the red hair of the girl with the blue denim here. Complementary colours work well.
    I'm in doubt about the girl's expression.
  2. Swann
    What light did you use, softbox or umbrella?
  3. pistolcolt
    Its a simple Balcar flash head, with umbrella, and an extra diffuser fabric, closing in the entire umbrella.
  4. Swann
    Thanks, it makes a nice light, pretty directed for an umbrella. I give the photo a 3 because of the expression on the young womans face which is extraordinary for this kind of photography.
  5. zekkar
    Whaoou !
    Nice girl, nice shot, nice look at me !

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