R6 50mm Summicron T-max 400 used at 1600
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R6 50mm Summicron T-max 400 used at 1600
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  1. Swann
    Good photo. Great texture of skind and cloth here. It's not that I like to citate you but this kind is really not my preferred type of photos. Therefore a very well deserved 3 here.
  2. yooloo
    good to see more from the series... works great for me.
  3. Dorian
    Thanks guys for the comments and rating.
    Interesting detail: the owner of these hands is a lady of 103 years old.
  4. ubermensch1
    I Love this! As well as the idea of this series. (I recall reading some time ago, returning only now. Still good stuff, what can I say....


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