Leica III F, 50mm Summitar, f 16, 200sec. Kodak 200 negative
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Leica III F, 50mm Summitar, f 16, 200sec. Kodak 200 negative
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  2. Swann
    Oh yes! The flowering pot still looks like a posing body builder with a strange hairdo. Wish I had the courage to render such colors. Like it.
  3. johne
    @Swann: Thanks! I see what you mean. Just hope it is not some long belated Freudian urge. [Jung or Adler, perhaps]. :) Regards,
  4. Dorian
    Amazing, that body builder struck me before I read Swann's message!

    The male torso must be a pretty strong archetype for several people to recognize it spontaniously in a flower pot. What is a Summitar?
  5. Swann
    Ah, here we are again at Jungian psychology. But I agree Dorian. BTW Mr. C. G. Jung lived only some miles away from my place.
    Allow me to make a remark on the summitar, it is an early Leica lens that was built until the 50's. A great performer!
  6. johne
    @Dorian: Summitar is "a Gaussian-type objective modified by splitting the front element into 2 lenses to provide additional freedom for correction" f2 50mm leica lens prior to the 50mm Summicron. JOhne

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