IIIf, elmar 50/3,5 Kodak HD
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676 1666 706 1846 916 1966 1996 2026 1006 2446 2146 1066 1096 1126 1786 3189
IIIf, elmar 50/3,5 Kodak HD
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  2. johne
    @yooloo: I continue to be amazed by the output of your equipment used here! I see what made the Leica famous. Regards,Johne
  3. mbru65
    Morocco with a Leica! That deserves a rating right there, plus I am jealous!--mbru65
  4. Swann
    I was thinking if maybe the old lens might influence the sky color. Is it really an elmar? Thought of a Summaron on your IIIf.
    I prefer your IIIf shots indeed over your digishots.
  5. yooloo
    johne - me too, to be honest, at least technically. shame, things are not made the same way anymore... where's your IIIf? will we get to see something soon?
    mbru65 - i was there covering the earthquake few months ago... would love to go back and do proper "Morocco with a Leica"!
    Swann - johne has Summaron, me - elmar, and it sure must of influenced the sky color. it is uncoated, scratched, ooold lens, that only now and then gets to expose color film.
    i'm grateful for getting this much out o
  6. johne
    @yooloo: I have the IIIF and Summitar loaded and am looking. However, I am much like the proverbial band of monkeys at typewriters trying to write a Shakespeare play. I lack creativity. Regards, Johne

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