Contax 167 MT<br />
Planar 85 f/1.4<br />
f=5.6 (probably)<br />
can&#039;t remember the...
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Contax 167 MT
Planar 85 f/1.4
f=5.6 (probably)
can't remember the speed
Agfa Optima 100 iso (negative)
The stairs is the one leading to the Aracoeli church (Rome, close to Campidoglio).
The church is full of precious paintings (Pinturicchio) and is very beautiful.
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  2. fausto
    Thanks to Iniestroy for the five stars.
  3. nickser
    Most excellent, brother?
  4. fausto
    For Nickser.
    No, he's not my brother.
  5. nickser
    Hi Fausto,

    Sorry for the delay in replying to your comment. I meant 'brother' as in the religious sense. Or maybe I misunderstood your reply.

  6. fotografz
    10. Nothing much better to say than that.

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