Semana Santa, 1990<br />
Sevilla<br />
Leica R3,Summicron 90/2
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Semana Santa, 1990
Leica R3,Summicron 90/2
In the album Black & White
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  2. luisrq
    Thank you!, it seems me is a too big compliment. Myself I don't appreciate, maybe the important thing is to be in love with the world.
  3. johne
    Luis: Check BTW, nothing posted here in over a week! Need new material. Just a comment. Johne
  4. luisrq
    Nice Gallery, Do you would lke some of my pictures?, The only point I think is that styles and quality should be similar, IMHO the global page is very nice, also portraits. Let me know, and write me to my privat e-mail. Luis
  5. johne
    I tried twice to get your profile and private email but my program locked up each time.
    IMHO you would be welcomed. John
  6. luisrq
    Johne: is

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