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3369 3429 1199 59 149 1349 209 269 329 1439 389 449 1559 539 1589 599
  1. admin
    Hi Diane, which lens did you use?
  2. diane

    I used the 24-85 Zeiss (handheld I might add - I was feeling pretty steady on my feet that day - until I went into the bar and had a few beers ;)).
  3. djg
    Nice, Diane! Great range of tones with lots of mood.
  4. fotografz
    Well, Diane, since no one rated your image, I will. I like it a lot.

    I keep coming back to this image. It gets me emotionally for some reason. Makes me feel at Christmas time or something.
    I'm boosting my rating to a 5. I see a lot of pictures in my work, but I rarely go back for a second or third look.

Additional Info

Settings: 24 mm

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