Contax N Digital, Tiff capture, 50mm/1.4
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1226 176 266 1376 1496 1766 866 27 1197 1227 147 177 28 1198 1228 148
Contax N Digital, Tiff capture, 50mm/1.4
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  2. Sergio Loiacono
  3. Unregistered
  4. clarkerickson
    I apologize for not recognizing this as a sunrise. It really puts things in a different perspective for me. I think it works much better for me now that I recognize it for what it is.
  5. fotografz
    Clark, It wasn't a was shot at 6AM
    as a Summer Sunrise.
  6. coyot
    I really like the top 2/3rd's of the image. Just bothered by the lower foreground. I think the bottom tree distracts for the image ... but do acknowlege how tough it can be to "move" a tree!

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