Contax NX , 28/80 200 kodak, handheld.
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Contax NX , 28/80 200 kodak, handheld.
  1. fotografz
    Nicely exposed shot.

    The excessive lean to the left is a bit distracting. Have you considered correcting it in PS using the perspective control tools?
  2. rcampbell2
    To Mark, thanks for your compliments and suggestions- coming from someone in your career stage it gives one a little hope!

    I think you are right about the perspective issue in this one. I did some perspective shift using Photoshop, but only slightly to straighten convergence. I actually have noticed significant convergence on the wide side of the the 28/80 that I did not notice on my old straight wide angles.

    I believe I will have to straighten the main church and the tower separately-

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