Colorful barber shop in Llano, Texas. Contax Aria, 35mm Zeiss f2.8, Elite Chrome Extra Color. No...
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Colorful barber shop in Llano, Texas. Contax Aria, 35mm Zeiss f2.8, Elite Chrome Extra Color. No filter.
  1. fotografz
    I like the graphic and bold color, yet the overexposed barber pole takes away from the over all look.
  2. tbarry
    It was an interesting problem for me. If I had had a polarizer with me I might have used it to cut the reflection and that would have reduced the glare on the barber pole; but I'm not sure that wouldn't have also made the blue paint look too flat. Color print film might have worked better; but I use slide film almost exclusively.If I were really into manipulation, there might be a way in Photoshop Elements to bring up the pole. Any suggestions on what I could have done during or post exposure?
  3. fotografz
    Well shooting slide film is a bit more difficult for handling contrasy situations.

    I always expose to hold detail in the light areas and let the rest fall. It is easier to lift shadowed areas. It is impossible to restore what is not there in terms of blown highlights.
  4. tbarry
    Thanks for the comments, fotografz. The more I look at the slide, the more I think the exposure is correct and the barber pole is demonstrating glare that I could have corrected with a polarizer. There is clear plastic or glass surrounding the striped pole itself and I believe that is what is causing the appearance of blown highlights. But I could be wrong.The exposure was determined with an incident meter that I trust.
  5. photostranger
    I agree, this is an excellent photograph! I would have tried it with a polarizer and various exposures. To me, this image is worth many different variations until i found one that works. I really like the framing though, I like the "flip-flop" effect of the window which extrudes from the frams and the pole that does as well on the opposite side (top). For me, this effect brings me up, down and across the window.

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