Comments on photo id 50 in the album "Professionals present their work" created by fotografz

  1. trust
  2. trust
    perfect lighting
  3. Irakly Shanidze
  4. hadmyr
  5. rcampbell2
    Besides the perfect subject lighting, the background is handled nicely. Looks like two side lights and a light down low on the background? Hot lights?
  6. Viazanichev
  7. jessecoffino
    The lighting is nice, but lighting is a technical thing, a trick. You've obviously mastered the technical aspects of photography, so I won't flatter you any further on those points. I don't feel engaged with your subject. The image may communicate something about his personality; maybe he is cold and aloof, but I just don't really feel that. It would be a nice piece of commercial work, for a catalog or a headshot. Nevertheless, it fails to tell a story, or challenge the viewer.
  8. fotografz
    Jesse, evidently it challenged your powers of observation, as this is a photo of a woman not a man. My intent was to depict strength and power that is usually subscribed to a man. While you are entitled to your opinion, the opinion that really counts is hers. She put it on a Gay web site and got thousands of hits because of it (so, I guess that it worked). Which really is a lesson in critique IMO. Personally, when I do not cotton to a photo, I usually ask about the reasoning behind it.
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