Contax AX, CZ 35-70 f3.4, at 35mm end.<br />
Fuji Astia 100 film
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61 841 2581 2101 2161 3252 3312 3402 3462 3092 2162 2912 3313 93 963 2073 2223
Contax AX, CZ 35-70 f3.4, at 35mm end.
Fuji Astia 100 film
In the album Black & White
  1. Irakly Shanidze
    Irakly Shanidze
    without a chair it would be a real gem. not bad regardless.
  2. craignorris
    Thanks Irakly. I agree about the chair. Next time I'll use some "composition bracketing".

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