RTS III, cz 80-200mm.<br />
I just had my first paying job as a photographer (albeit as just an...
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RTS III, cz 80-200mm.
I just had my first paying job as a photographer (albeit as just an assistant) last saturday at a wedding. Hopefully the beginning of something for me!
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  1. fotografz
    Nice work.

    All three posts are showing promise and indicates you are moving in the right direction. Best of luck.
  2. vsevolod
  3. vsevolod
    just great, but framing... i think you've cut too much above and from the right
  4. Schwartzkopf
    Thanks for the comments. as far as framing goes, for some reason the lab that printed these proofs trims off a large portion of the sides and top and bottom. the negative shows much more on the top and the sides. I am still too new to know exactly why this lab does that, but the lady I was working for tells me they do this alot for some reason. I was actually quite upset because I always use the RTS's 100% viewfinder to frame everything, then i started seeing tops of heads cut off in the prin
  5. fotografz
    All general labs do that . Most cameras do not have 100% viewfinders, so the lab machines are set to an adverage cropping to get closer to the framing that the adverage shooter saw in the finder.

    Just have the lab make a proof sheet, and scan selected negs.

    BTW, I don't think the cropping is bad. I like it.

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