Contax RX<br />
50mm 1.7<br />
Fuji NPS
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Contax RX
50mm 1.7
Fuji NPS
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  2. nickser
    Hi Fausto,
    I would like to say it was hand coloured and took hours and hours but it was done in PS using layers and rubbing out and only took hours. It is an A3 print on semi matt paper. The definition is very high. In the print I can see myself taking the picture as a reflection in the grooms ring. It was scanned at 2000dpi by the processor so I might go back and do it myself at a higher dpi to see what other detail there is in there.
  3. fotografz
    Good composition, but sorry, the flesh looks dead. A slight warm tone might relieve that.

    I've tried the technique with a bride image and it looked like a cadaver. I deleted it.
  4. nickser
    Hi Marc,
    They wanted some 'b&w' shots so I did a few. They liked this one in preference to the warmer ones, and I must say I agreed with them. As always the client is right.
  5. Photo Joe
    Photo Joe
    An especially nice photograph. High emotional content.
  6. durr3

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