Contax G1 - 45mm Planar - Fuji Reala (photoshop smart-blur)
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Contax G1 - 45mm Planar - Fuji Reala (photoshop smart-blur)
  1. nickser
    this upload may not do it justice
  2. cj1
    Yes, i'm having some trouble calibrating PS, everything seems to look much darker than it does in PS.
    Thanks for all your comments.
  3. fotografz
    Nice shot.

    Make sure you have selected your calibration settings in PS under: >View>Proof Set-Up>Custom... then scroll to the screen calibration you saved upon finishing your calibration.

    You should also select the same calibrated setting when you > Save for Web, and when you go to use a digital printer.

    That way you will get what you see on your screen in all places.
  4. cj1
    Thank you! Very helpful. I'll try this out for my next upload. Regards.

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