Yashica T5, CZ Tessar 35mm f3.5<br />
Fuji Astia 100
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Yashica T5, CZ Tessar 35mm f3.5
Fuji Astia 100
  1. fotografz
    Actually feels more like morning as the boat heads out to sea. Beeeeautiful light & color An excellent exposure given the shadow detail without blowing out the whites.
  2. Irakly Shanidze
    Irakly Shanidze
    it is always a challenge to get decent sharpness while shooting aboard. well, you succeeded perfectly. exposure is right on, but compositionally the image is not flawless.
  3. Unregistered
    beautiful light
  4. Unregistered
  5. clarkerickson
    The light is wonderful. I keep coming back to this photograph- there is something classical about the colour and composition. Possibly, just possibly, the best photograph on this site.

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