SONY Cybershot F707, 38mm (Zoom, Macro), ISO 100, Modo Manual, f:4.5, 1/80 seg.
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SONY Cybershot F707, 38mm (Zoom, Macro), ISO 100, Modo Manual, f:4.5, 1/80 seg.
  1. nickser
    What a good eye you have for what most people pass by. A smaller aperture for more depth of field on the thickest section of rope would have made it a 5* for me
  2. HorstFabian
    Thank you, again, for your comment, Nickser. You are absolutely right about the lack of DOF. I was much more concentrated on the macro of the knot, when I started to rotate the camera. I enjoyed the sudden perspective, so I aligned the frame to the edge of the peer. Since the camera was almost at ground level, I did frame and focus on the display. I didn't realize how the lack of DOF affected the image until I saw it on the computer screen, but I still liked it enough to post it.
  3. fotografz
    IMO the big frames are an unneeded element.

    Nice shot.
  4. HorstFabian
    Thank you for your rating. You are absolutely right about the big frames. I am picking the images out of an on-screen (& LCD projector presentation) I put together a few weeks ago to promote an editorial (mainly photographic) project at a local newspaper. The images already had about the size tolerated by the website and they are screen-balanced, so it was the most straight forward choice. No time to work on originals again for now. I will avoid the frame as soon as I have a chance to work on

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