SONY Cybershot F505v, 38mm (Zoom), ISO 100, Modo A, f:5.6, 1/200 seg.
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SONY Cybershot F505v, 38mm (Zoom), ISO 100, Modo A, f:5.6, 1/200 seg.
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  1. nickser
    Thought Pprovokibg shot Horst. Was this a 'just in passing' shot or did you wait for the feet to be in sunlight?
  2. HorstFabian
    Your comments are very much appreciated, Nickser, thank you. About the shot:
    I actually had to hurry to take the shot. It was sunday around 11 am. I had lost some time trying a couple of close-up of the shoes first, but I couldnt't get anything useable together. The sun was moving and I knew I had only a few minutes left.
    Suddenly I saw the pedestrian closing in and I walked ?like I had no more pictures to take? into position for the definite shot. Probably with only one chance to take a coup
  3. fotografz
    IMO this is better than the more expected shot that you missed. It conveys indifference in a social manner.

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