Contax 167MT<br />
85 1.4<br />
TMAX 400
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Contax 167MT
85 1.4
TMAX 400
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  1. trust
    Cut off adults are ok, if your intention was to focus on the children's perspective of the event.

    I feel that the shot could have been improved anyway by not cutting the children's legs, plus a view from their eye level (in this case slightly above).

    Besides that, you captured a nice, broad variety of miens, each one awaiting the great moment in a different way.
  2. fotografz
    I disagree. I would crop even more. Get rid of the white blob to the right and crop up just above the front girls dress hemline. Focus on the kids, it is a rare shot to catch all of them clearly like this. Take advantage of it.

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