N Digital<br />
30mm / ISO 64<br />
1/125 @ f7.17<br />
Adobe Raw Developer
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686 1706 746 1736 1916 1946 1976 956 2006 2066 986 2876 1346 2186 2906 1106
N Digital
30mm / ISO 64
1/125 @ f7.17
Adobe Raw Developer
  1. nickser
    This makes me feel like I want to be there (which I do!) Did you use a poloriser on this shot? It looks like it. Well done from me.

  2. djg
    No filters, Paul. Just the usual Adobe Photoshop stuff. I wish I was back there :).
  3. nickser
    I think you were licky enough to go there the first time!
  4. fotografz
    Very nice.

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