Studio portrait with virtual background fixed in pgotoshop
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Studio portrait with virtual background fixed in pgotoshop
  1. andybennetts
    The only thing I have a problem with is the title - it should be Edinburgh (assuming it's the castle in the background).
  2. rcampbell2
  3. rcampbell2
    It's okay, but there are problems with the editing. It would have been better to select the image of the the subject and blur the background slightly, but one can see a problem with selecting the hair properly. The crop is too severe to make the blur or hair thing work correctly, and the emblem is really just distracting . I would opt for bluring the background, darkening it, perhaps dodging and toning it, then adding a few points of red.
  4. hadmyr
    Two technicaly good photos wich i would have prefered to see one at the time (especially the portrait). Kind of dreamlike though.
  5. clarkerickson
    I really like this.

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