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  1. S

    Repair Contax IIIa (and IIa) shutter

    Dear Contax people, Recently I purchased a IIIa from August 62 (last production month) and unfortunately it seems like the second curtain rushes after the first one resulting in half the picture black with 1/1250 sec and about a third of the picture unexposed with 1/500 sec. I found a YouTube...
  2. mkuhlma

    Searching an external view finder for use with Distagon 4/18

    Hello to all :), after having been a contaxinfo member many years ago and after a long photography break I return to analogue photography and to camerainfo. You might be know pretty well the mirror slip problem of Contax SLR's (which is a shame). It was this issue that caused a serious damage...
  3. Chris Pook

    Contax 645 Problem

    Hi, I came here looking specifically for advice on my Contax 645. I shot 3 rolls of film when the camera arrived, last month. Put them in for developing. Shot 12 more rolls on holiday. Got home to find that none of the 3 rolls I first submitted had been exposed. Bugger. Put in a couple of...