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10D first impressions



There are some pictures of the new 10D from a show in Greece already on the web. I am not sure who has the copyright to this, so I will only post the link:

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The D60 will be replaced by the 10D. We have not yet really valid information about the specs. But I will post them as soon as I get them. The D10 will be available in March.



I'm planning to buy a D60 , but I heard a rumor about this 10D and read already the preview of this sounds good!Pre-PMA 2003, 14:00 GMT: Canon has today announced the new six megapixel EOS-10D digital SLR. The EOS-10D is the direct successor to the popular EOS-D60 digital SLR, just like the D60 the 10D utilizes a six megapixel 22.7 x 15.1 mm CMOS sensor which is a development of the D60's sensor. Unlike the D60 the 10D now has a magnesium body, orientation sensor, Adobe RGB color space, Kelvin selectable WB, ISO 1600 and 3200, more flexible image parameters and a new 7 area AF sensor (from the EOS-30). Other good news comes with the price, the US list price will be $1,999 (expected street $1,499), in Europe the 10D will have a €2,200 list price. Anyway I ordered one already I don't know yet when I can have it? i will let everybody know if this is a good one!!


Here are some details about the 10D:

Compared to the D60, the 10D has a Magnesium alloy body, the controls look differently and are slightly rearranged, playback magnification is supposed to be better (up to 10x with full horizontal and vertical panning and browsing), new LCD monitor which shall be brighter, Kelvin selectable white balance as in the 1D and 1Ds, white balance bracketing +/-3 steps.

ISo is from 100-1600 and in H-mode also 3200. New 7 point AF (as in the D30). The AF assist l& is gone. Instead you can use now the flash strobe. Since the AF shall be much better now also in difficult light situations, this seems to be not a disadvantage.

The exposure metering seems to be slightly different to the D60. Do not know whether this is an advantage. The same processor as in the PowerShot G3 and S45 is also in the 10D. This means less power consumption, faster speed and maybe also better image quality. And it can handle bigger compact falsh cards than 2GB (fat 32 support).

Quieter shutter then the D60. Also shutter release time reduced from 240ms of the D60 to 190ms of the 10D. Viewfinder blackout only 140ms (D60 300ms). Selectable adobe rgb color space, for each image adjustment parameter (contrast, sharpness, saturation, color tone).

It seems that the CMOS Sensor is the same as in the D60, but it is rumoured that there have been improvements made in image quality. You can connect the 10D directly with a printer (Canon only I guess).

Finally also a German menu (beside 11 other languages)

Only USB 1.0 compliant, no USB 2 or firewire

But at least the computer shall recognize the camera automatically without installing additional software.

The 10D also has just 1 battery charger, which a significant smaller then the older ones.

Hope that helps



Hi: In this weeks (UK) Amateur Photographer magazine the 10D is quoted as being offered at £1,500, my dealer thinks the street price will settle at about £1,400 - sorry I can't put that in dollars for you!


For the past year I've been using the Canon 10D - for something to beat this beauty would be quite the feat


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There are a few feats out there then! Every digital camera has strengths and weaknesses. Hang around in some other forums, like the Oly forum where there are many E-1 uses and you will get some alternative opinions.

I certainly think the 10D has some amazing strengths, but then so do other cameras.