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14-55 will not focus

Jerry Mann

New Member
Hi there... sorry for cross-posting, but there don't seem to be too many people over in the lens forum...

I am posting for my wife who is the yearbook advisor at her high school. They have an E-500 with the 14-55 and 40-150. The long lens focuses perfectly. But the short zoom absolutely will not focus, auto or manual. The image in the viewfinder and as captured is a total blur. Turning the focus ring does not change the focus point at all. When the camera is first powered up, you can hear the autofocus motor trying but all it does is click for a few seconds and then the focus confirmation light blinks. After that it does not try to focus and there is no sound. I shake the lens and do not hear anything loose, although I have never shook it before to hear how it is supposed to sound!

Anyone else had this trouble? This lens is out of warranty. Any comments and suggestions and stories would be appreciated!

Jerry Mann