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14x Mutar opinions wanted


New Member
Hi everyone,

I am new to the forum with my first post and new to the 645 medium format. I shoot a wide range of subjects but mainly nature and landscape. I am on the Hassy forum for my Xpan II and I also have 35mm and D100 SLRs. My Contax set has 80, 45, 140 and 210 lenses. I am missing the long reach that I am used to in my other systems. My question is what is your opinion on the 1.4x Mutar for the 140 and 210? Is there any light loss and/or sharpness? Good and bad opinions wanted. I recently took the Contax out for a photo road trip and really liked what I experienced. It took a little getting used to just like my experience from digital to Xpan. Though the camera is a bit heavy, I just love the sound of the shutter being released. Thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions.



Gold CI-Patron
Hello Mike

There certainly is some loss in either, sharpness and light. I guess your f4 lenses would be f5.6. I don't have the Mutar but I know from the Canon 2x Extender that you loose very much of the sharpness! The Mutar should be better because it's "only" x1.4. My Contax catalogue, which I don't have any more, listed all the combinations possible with the Mutar I. As far as I can remember, the Mutar I takes pretty all lenses but with very different results. Only a few tele lenses are really recommended to be used with the Mutar. That's all I know.

Greets M;los