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14x Teleconverter



Is there an alternative to the Mutar III ?
ZEISS doesn't have a 1.4x-Converter which fits to my 3.5/200 and 1.4/85. So does any other manufacturer have such a converter available ?
(at a much lower qulity level, of course .... )


As far as I know there are only 2x converters from other manufacturers (Yashica, Kenko, Soligor, Komura) but no 1.4 converter.

I have tested Mutar I and Mutar III with many Zeiss lenses. As you mentioned, Mutar III does not fit to TT3.5/200 and P1.4/85. Mutar I does work with P1.4/85 but you need to stop down to f2 (=f4 effectively) for good sharpnes .
If there would be a 1.4x converter that fits to P1.4/85 you have to stop down one f-stop to have good picture quality, so you have effectively a 2.8/120 lens. IMO buying a used S 2.8/135 would be a much better solution, because the price is the same as for a used Mutar III and handling is easier (but S135 has more weight and different filter diameter I admitt...).