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150mm lens flare


New Member
hi there,

i'm writing to ask you, rollei 6000's users if you have the same problem then me ...

I have 2 150 zeiss - rollei lenses and they've the same problem ... in very hight contrast lighting situation I have flare and lost of contrast in the overal image.

In natural situation, like a portrait of someone in the shadow with a sky backgroung or even a white studio background just 1 stop overexposed ... the result is the same ... there's no deep blacks and the nice contrast ... If i photograph the same thing with my 80mm rollei zeiss lens the result is completly different and better ...

I already sent it to rollei assistence and ask them to take a lokk at the coating of the lens ... but it doesnt work ...

Do you have any suggestion for me ?? Do you know if this happen with a 150mm Schneider lenses ??

I'd appreciate your answer and help,

thank you,



I have had mint ex&les of both. If anything, the Schneider is slightly worse for flare although it is sharper at wide apertures. I find the 80-250 hood is not good enough in some situations and use a expandable hood attached to a cokin holder.


New Member
so you think the hood would better the image ?? i just dont get it if there's no direct light coming through the lens .... why the hood would solve the pbm ??

and is there any suggestion for me ? i mean would it be better to work another lens ??

I used to photograph with a pentax 6x7 and i had any problem like this ...

thanks again


All I'm saying is that try shielding the lens better before doing something more radical. You can always make a proper test if you want. Take a cardboard box and paint the inside black. Cut a 100 mm hole in the side and paint the outside white. Photograph the box with the hole towards the camera and expose properly. If there is flare, the hole will have density on the negative (assuming BW film). It is not a perfect test but you can evaluate the relative performance of lenses with the same test setup.