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159MM Owners Manual


Well-Known Member
Does anyone know of a web site where I can download the operating manual for a 159 MM?

In one posting Dirk said he would scan and post the manual when he had time, but that was 2 years ago.

Thanks for any input.


Active Member
Mike I cannot see how you say 2 years and Dirk has not scanned a 159 Book. If I owned a camera for 2 weeks I would know what everything was.
Why after so long do you need a book and why have you not got one from you Dealer or person who sold you the camera. Anyhow I own a 159 and would like to help you with your problems. Please let me know what your problems are and I would like to help you. Bob


Well-Known Member
I am happy to have your response, even thought you have misinterpreted my post. First, I do not yet own a 159, but am thinking of acquiring one. Looking at the manual first will give me additional information on which to base my purchasing decision. Beyond that, used cameras seldom come with a manual, so it would give me a jump on that problem.

The posting by Dirk currently appears elsewhere in the forum (cant remember where) although it is dated 2 years ago. No criticism of Dirk intended. He generally has his hands full.

Thanks again for your reply,