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167MT and non MM lenses




Can anyone help? I have just bought a 167MT and am having problems using non MM lenses. I appear to be having an intermitent fault where I am not getting anything to film. On the last 3 films I took in (all 36 exp) I got 9 images on the 1st, 13 on 2nd and 11 on 3rd. Of the pictures that did come out, all where perfectly exposed. Any ideas?




I had a similar problem with my 167 MT a while ago. It was unrelated to non-MM lenses, but the shutter and mirror mechanics needed adjustment. Cost me EUR 170.-, but now it works fine again.

Good luck,
-- Harald


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I have been using a Contax 137MA for many years, with 6 YashicaML lenses. I have now purchased a Contax 167MT. I would like some confirmation of the 167MT modes that will not operate with the ML lenses (presumably Shutter priority is an obvious one). Basically, how much functionality of the camera will I lose when using Yashica ML lenses???
Any information gratefully accepted. Thank you.


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You will just lose Shutter Priority and Program modes , it should work fine in Aperture Priority and Manual modes...... Steve



With non-MM type lenses, including the Yashica and Zeiss type AE, = only aperature priority and manual modes function in the 167MT. =20

Tom Sullivan

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Paul and Tim: I use my 167 since 15 years, and most of my Zeiss lenses are non MM; i never missed P and Tv. Spotmetering and ABC works either with MM and non MM lens, so do not care and have fun with this wonderful tool.