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17-50OS or 17-70OS?


Hello all!

I currently own a 18-50 f2.8 HSM in Nikon mount which I love. I would like to equip my SD10 with a similar lens. I hesitate between the new 17-50 f2.8 OS or the new 17-70 OS. It the moment, price difference is not an issue; I want the best lens for my need. With my Nikon, I shoot most of the time at f8 (the sweet spot) and when light is limited, I use a flash and a diffuser. I rarely shoot at 2.8 so constant f2.8 is not crutial. That's why I tend to go with the 17-70 for my SD10 which has an extra 20mm, but I am concern about the IQ (mostly sharpness). Would it be much better with the 17-50?