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17-70mm Sigma DC lens not so sharp


Active Member
I am wondering if anyone has much experience with the 17-70mm lens from Sigma. My son has one on his SD14 and it never seems to produce a sharp image. It tends to back focus a bit but that is not the whole problem. Even with proper focus the images are bit soft. The images are good by most peoples standards but it doesn't allow the camera to show it's potential.

Is this typical of a wide range zoom/macro lens?

I put an old Pentagon 50mm F1.8 lens on it and got better results.


Well-Known Member
Taz....I have had to send several lenses off to sigma for focus issues...either back or front focus....if you have the reciept...they should do this for free...if it is a lens you will keep on the camera...send it to them...for optimal results....

Lenses they had to fix for me:

Good Luck....

Tony C. :z04_cowboy: