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I have a mechanical problem. Somehow the telephoto part of the lense became unscrewed from the optical part, so the lense is now in 2 pieces! I have tried screwing them together again, but the aperture & focus don't function. No obvious damage. It happened just after I had used a 2x teleconverter, but I don't know if this had anything to do with the problem. Does anybody know how to re-assemble it again???


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Hello Nick,
first you have a beautiful lens. I use it in studio, in concert, in reporting, everywhere. And on 2.0 it is very very good. The same with the APO-2x-Converter.
For your problem, I hade the same kind of problem with one other lens, the 28-PC : the last lens came unscrewed. I have spoken with the Leica importer, sidtributer, and the cause was the vibration on the plan. And the only one thing to do was to send it to Leica: the had to adjust it.
Don't try to do it yourself, it is not a Tamron or Sigma lens, and the result of quality that we need too.


Thanks Laurent!

In fact, the lense elements themselves have not become detached or unscrewed. What has happened is that the focusing threads have become completely unscrewed, so the body is now in two pieces. One piece has the lenses & the other piece (that attaches to the camera) has the aperture ring, etc. Does this make a difference to your advice?


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In case anyone wish to improve the performance of this lens at f4, I have a simple way.
Cut a a rim of black cardboard to cover the outer half of the front area responsible for light entering the lens( a bit like my photo posted in the panel for 75/2 of the M lenses). It will reduce the amount of light entering the lens to half and only allows the light to enter the central part of the lens. It effectively converts the lens to f4.
The cardboard cutting f4 is better than the f4 by rotating the ring to f4. It is better in terms of clarity.
Although I have not try this on other lenses, I believe you can improve the f2 of 80/1.4 in this way. So is other lenses like M75 1.4.