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180mmF282nd version 180mmf4 Rcameras



Has any one used both of the above lenses?
If used both and F4 orF5.6 would you see any
difference when you print a 16x20 print? Is the
F2.8 worth $300 to $400 more? Speed is of no
importance to me.
Thanks for any experience you can share. Pete


New Member
I have a 180 elmarit 2nd version that i use often whit slide film. It is really amazing whith a 3d effect that i don't find in 50 summicron or 90 elmarit. For my opinion this is the best that i have never had (i have shooted whith all nikon autofocus from 17-35 to 80-200 and 20 28 50 60 and 180 and whith contax g). I have still used only for few times the 180 elmar f4 and i can tell to prefear the 180 2,8.


>Nicco, I agree with you about the lens. See
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. That first picture on the splash page is with that lens. Unfortuantely, the jpg doesn't do it justice, but the prints look like they were made with a wide angle lens. That shot was taken on Hudson Bay in the Arctic. >

>Good luck. >

>Michael > >