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New Member
Having recently acquired a Pentax 1st DL Digital SLR, I would like to know if it is at all possible to combine my COBRA 700AF Dedicated Autofocus flash unit with this camera. The hot shoe buttons appear to be the same configuration, although when I fit the flash to the camera, the red autofocus lights come on and remain on. Whilst attempting to take a photo, the 1st DL will neither focus on the red light nor flash.
I previously used the flash with my Pentax SF7 SLR film camera OK and it still works with this.

Any suggestions ??


Active Member
You need to be careful using other flash guns with DSLR's. I've checked and your Cobra has a 4.4v trigger, the DL2 should be OK up to about 30v. However, if it's not functioning properly I would avoid using it as there may be some voltage across the other contacts.


New Member
Hi, all....problem solved by 'PENTAX support. they recommended NOT using it with my digital 1st DL2, as it would likely cause damage to the camera. Since been put up for sale...thanks all for looking!


Wullie, i have similar situation as you, read in a mag that old non digital guns can cause damage. I presume we have to buy Pentax flash instead, what did you do in the end. Which gun did you go for? I have K10D and thinking of what to get, all Pentax guns seem fairly pricey.


New Member
Hi, Chris........Ended up purchasing the recommended Pentax AF-360FGZ, via a
dealer on Ebay...naturally, it works perfectly. The 'Cobra' flash is up for
sale on Ebay...tried to sell it twice without success! Third time lucky.