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On C lens you have a mecanical 10 seconds delai stuff you can use to be taken on the picture.
If you put this mecanical delay stuff and settup "B" on the 202FA and then push the trigger buton more than 10 secondes, then you use the central shutter on a 202FA.
Of course the flash works in X mode only, not in M mode and ....

No it's not a joke, it works like this.:z04_auslachen:


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My compliments for your persistence to operate C series lenses with a 202FA body.
For me this is all too much trouble.
I rather use another body than go through this procedure.



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Its amazing. There are 21 different SLR cameras in the Hasselblad V-system since 1957. 20 of them can utilize the central shutter. And here are the bravehearts who pick the one camera that can't and try to make it work.

Ulrik :z02_respekt: