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202FA Shutter Jammed


New Member
Hi all - I have an issue with a 202FA. I'm hoping a more experienced/technical 200 series shooter can help.

I've had the camera a few months and although I had an initial issue with a loose light seal that I got resolved at (apparently very common), it came back wiht an all clear and up to now I've been very happy. Shot 20 rolls with it and an 80mm, no problems. Today tried on a 'new' 50mm and a 150mm for size, and somehow in the process of swapping those lenses around and attempting to put my 80mm back on its managed to jam itself! Mirror up, winder locked solid, the release button in the center of the winder is non responsive. No lens attached, and with the mirror up lenses arent locking into postion of course. I've changed the battery, no difference. I'm sure must have done something dumb. Any ideas?

suggestions appreciated before I end up sending it back to for another hosptial visit :-(