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21mm24mm close focus




Does anyone know what sort of "retro depth of field" one can get (if at all) on a 21 or 24 M? In other words, when the focus is set to .7m and fstop 8, 11, etc will the lens give you any focus closer than .7m? Also, I've seen a 21mm before on ebay that focuses closer (1' 16" I believe) - what's the story on that? I shoot a lot of crowds, tight spaces, etc with foreground objects/people so close focus is important to me (why I still shoot with slrs). For the record, I own a late model non asph 21 and a 24.

Thanks! Charles Peterson


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If you have a Palm or other pocket PC you can get a program called DOF master. I run it on my Treo 600 phone. It does all these calculations for you.



Thanks Wilson. How about the program for a deskbound G5 (I don't have a pocket pc)? Anyone else? Looking for just a "guesstimation" really.




Oh, just found it online at

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My questions have been answered.

Now how about that closer focusing 21mm?