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24120 zoom G lens



I understand that a new 24-120 G ED-IF AF-S VR Autofocus will soon be availabe. I just purchases a used F5. Is this lens for me?


I guess it depends on your needs. I do a lot of nature/wildlife photography & get to my subjects by hiking. I normally shoot ISO 100 film in a Nikon N90s with a selection of fast primes. I do exploratory hikes (usually 10-12 miles) with an F80 w/24-120 & use ISO 400 speed film to compensate somewhat for the slower lens speed. I'm really hoping that the new VR version of this lens will allow me to use slower film speed on these hikes & still get sharper photos with the VR function. If you were not aware, the VR version is also adding several new ED glass elements to the design, which should be an additional performance enhancer. It will also be 100% usable with the Kenko Pro 300 1.4X teleconvertor. My only hesitation concerning this lens is that many times I use the shallow depth of field available with my faster primes to isolate my subject, which may be difficult to impossible when dealing with max f-stops of f/3.5 to 5.6. All in all, I can't wait to lay my hands on one, of course I've got to raise the funds first, Uncle Sam just decided that he wanted all my available $$$. According to Nikon USA, list price should be $730........Bill Crabill


I personally will be first in line to get it for my D100. I am using the 80-400 VR and swear by it. Admittedly the VR is more of an issue at the longer focal lengths, but can definitely have merit on this one as well.

Suppsoedly in theory the VR technology causes some color loss, but I have seen no evidence of this.


Having used the old 24-120 non VR - it is a good lens but I hope they get rid of the noticeable distortion at the extreme 24 and 120 ends. For critical work I use the 24mm prime and 105 primes. So if there has been improvements on that front then this should be a great lens. Otherwise the lens is sharp and has probably the most useful range. On a D100 you most likely won't experience vignetting since you will only be using the center portions of the lens and the equivalent focal range will be 36-180.


I have found this to be a great lens and it has more or less become the standard lens on my Fuji S2pro.


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I selected this lens for my shiny new D100. The first one I received had a strange focusing problem that resulted in blur on the right hand side of the image. Sent it back, replacement lens much better but still a tad soft.
I do wish Zeiss would make lenses with Nikon mount.


this lens is the most unexcepted lens i got from nikon, really bad result, not sharp, and too soft, sold it after a month i got it


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An update on this lens after using it for awhile. I put it on a tripod, shut the VR off, and took a few shots. Very nice so there is no problem with the glass. Of course, the point of the lens is to be able to use it handheld and for the most part I find I'm getting very good images. If I don't I know it's because I'm being sloppy, it's not the lens.


> I whole heartedly agree with Pete, the problem is with the so called > photographer (see Larry's contribution under "Back to basics on > photography with Nikon" and not the lens. Like others, I am a proud > owner of the 24-120VR and for the price and the magnification factor > of the lens (5x) I certainly have a superb bargain. I have shot > buildings, cityscapes, portraits and you can not distinguish the lens > from his big brother 17-35mm on the contrary it outperforms the former > under daylight condition or when a hand held slow shutter speed (1:15) > is required. At 120mm the bokee is excellent. The issue of barrel > distortion is common to 'all' zoom lenses, therefore you don't place > vertical objects at the extremes as we all know.


Hello my friends!
Can you give me an advice? Has anybody used the AF-S 17-35 f/2.8 and the AF 14mm f/2.8 ED? I want to buy one of them but the first one has double price, so i would like to know if there are great quality differences between them. Thank you


Hi Alexandra, I've used the 17-35 and must say it is an outstanding lens in every respect, except price like you mention. I have not used the 14mm but here is a link to a subjective review. Did you consider trying to find it used?Bargains can be had that way, and in many cases you are buying a new item because they were cared for. I have seen the 17-35 for as little as $900 used in 9+ condition. Hope this helps

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Good luck and let us know what you decide and why.