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24mm lens hood


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I have a 24mm aspheric lens, which I'm delighted with. However, there is a problem. My camera bag is quite loose (I want it that way), and the sides press against the buttons on the lens hood. As a result the hood falls off, exposing the lens to possible damage. I've emailed Leica about this, and they don't make a screw-in hood for it. Does anyone know of one by another maker, or is there a way to disable the buttons on the standard hood so that they cannot be accidentally pressed? It is the only design problem I've seen with Leica. I don't want to start using a lens-cap - too slow - or a filter - degradation of image. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


One possible solution is a rubber hood but you do not want to use the lense cap.
The only other thing that I can think of is to glue the buttons on the standard hood. Understand me, glue them with a glue very easy to remove.I would suggest those thermal transparent plastic glues that are supplied in cilinders that you introduce and apply with a thermal pistol.
They come in two standard diameters and the thinnest one is the appropiated for these small touches.One little drop on each side of the buttons edges would be enough and they can be removed with a tooth stick and leave no marks at all.
I have a 24mm with the hood,but do not experience your problem.
I have never done it in my hood but I have done this to fix other things in my equipment and it worked very well.
Hope it helps... and at least you can try because it is completly reversable as this glue fixes but does not stick or alter the plastic.


Well-Known Member
Thanks for the two suggestions. I've decided to glue it - even if it was permanently damaged, the aim is to USE the Leica in the most convenient way, so if the hood has to be forced off in the distant future, so be it. Anyway, it's cheaper than a damaged lens! Thanks for the suggestions - Leica suggested drilling and pinning the buttons. I'll use glue - it's less fuss.