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24mm viewfinder problems



Help! Last year I bought a nice 24/2.8 and I like the lens. But one drawback: Sometimes I wrongly focus through the variable viewfinder - and the later picture only shows part of what I intended to get. Especially in close-up situations. Any ideas how to improve my focusing?


I use the dedicated 24 finder. No "attempting to focus" through that. = I never take my left hand off the lens. I do have a multifinder and use = it only with my 21. Have, on occasion, caught myself reaching with my = left hand and turning the ring to "focus" with the multifinder when = viewing through it, then remember what I'm doing and re-check settings. = It's a matter of using the gear enough for actions to become = reactions/instincts. Please alert me if I misunderstood your post or if = you'd like to chat off list.


Sorry Greg, you misunderstood "focus". In terms of metering etc. I use the camera viewfinder. But to frame the picture, I use the 21/24/28 viewfinder on top of my camera. And then it happens, that I do not see on the photo what I thought I framed through the viewfinder. I guess I look wrongly through the viewfinder - any tips to avoid this?