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2880 G lens


Active Member
Got an F80/with 28-80 kit for a song. Currently i have the 28-85AF,35-70AFD2.8 and a 70-210. Iknow this lens is fairly inexpensive. What about the quality of its performance. At one time I also had the 35-80 with the N50 and was always amazed at the pictures that cheapy made. Is it the same case with this 28-80G lens. Would love to hear from fellow Nikon users.


Dear Manuel m. de la rua (Magnolia70123), I have a Nikon F75 with a AF28-80 lens, the lens is great as far as I am concerned but I don't have any other lens and so I cannot compare it. Thanks Anupam


I have the 28-80 'G' on my F80 and I have had very good results with it. I use the 28-105 'D' on my F100 which I think is slightly sharper and has slightly better contrast, but it is about 3 times as heavy and is a lot more expensive!
Just run a film through with it and If you are happy with it, stick with it.